Unpublished Live Selection 1984-1988

Unpublished Live Selection 1984-1988

No Song Title Lyrics Music
1 Change Me into the Wind T.Nakagawa T.Nakagawa
2 ABYSS T.Nakagawa T.Nakagawa
3 南へ(To The South) N.Horie N.Horie
4 Stage J.Ohkubo J.Ohkubo
5 Waitin' in Vain T.Nakagawa T.Nakagawa
6 Glass Dust T.Nakagawa T.Nakagawa
7 WISH T.Nakagawa T.Nakagawa
8 Dancer T.Nakagawa T.Nakagawa



Song-1 & 2 : Recoeded on 12th Oct. 1987 at Egg-man, Shibuya
Song-3 : Recorded on 6th Oct. 1987 at Banana Hall, Osaka
Song-4 : Recorded on 16th July. 1987 at Muse Hall, Osaka
Song-5 & 6 : Recorded on 12th Jun. 1986 at Big Bang, Kyoto
Song-7 & 8 : Recorded on 24th May. 1986 at Candy Hall, Osaka

大久保 寿太郎 (Bass)
中川 隆雄 (Guitar,Vocal)
堀江 睦男 (Drums)
上村 禎徳 (Keyboards)
宮本 佳子 (Vocal)
西垣 宏子 (Vocal)